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What Is A Landing Page For Guest Posts Really Good For?

Let's talk about what is a landing page good for.  First, when you write a guest post, you have more to focus on than just the post itself. In your bio link, you need to direct the readers from that post to a landing page that will, hopefully, gain their interest and turn them into [...]

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Are you ready for new media marketing?

When it comes to new media marketing, you want to make sure that your customers can find you, talk to you, and quickly decide why your brand is important to them. You also want to make sure that they can stay connected with you and your brand. One of the quickest ways to do all of those things is to get a solid presence on Twitter.

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What is content strategy?

According to a recent survey by Moz and BuzzSumo, a lot of content on the web is ignored. Many articles you write will receive zero links and have no shares at all. Let's address an aspect of your content strategy. What is content strategy when it comes to the length of articles?

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DIG App Released

Korey is the latest king to claim his reign by releasing his first app. Unique among Mobile Android Apps, this app acts as your gateway to the ultimate Ducere Investment Group – DIG, experience by providing you with Resources, Appointment Scheduler, Referral Form, and content-rich industry websites.

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Paragon App Released

Congratulations to Denisa. She has released her first app to the stores. If you like fine leather products and messages of positive thoughts and actions, this app is for you.

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1st App hits the stores

App Kingdom has its first app approved in all the stores. Davincis delivers is a pizzeria in Atlanta, GA. Not only can the owners now directly communicate with their customers but the customers can also order straight from the app, read about upcoming events and learn about the great food they serve.

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